• Energy Efficiency Project Development
  • Technical and Financial Analyses
  • Energy Performance Contracting
  • A Guarantee of Savings
  • Comprehensive Support for Maintenance & Operations
  • Operation & Maintenance of Energy Systems
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  • Do you wish to reduce your energy costs with no risk ?
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  • Do you wish to upgrade your energy system ?
  • Do you wish to outsource operation & maintenance of your energy systems ?
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     Steps in an ARGUS 91 project

     ARGUS 91 is ready to consider already developed energy efficiency project proposals or business plans and to take responsibility for financing and implementation.
     If the project is at the general concept stage with the goal to reduce energy costs, then we use a 5-phase approach to defining and implementing energy efficiency projects:

          PHASE I Expressing interest in cooperation

     Initial meeting - We will to visit your facility, explain the ESCO/performance contracting concept, look at your production processes, find out more about you and your business, and tell you more about ARGUS 91. If we agree to proceed, we will sign a Letter of Intent where you and ARGUS 91 agree to conduct a technical and economic assessment of the potential for energy savings in your facility.

          PHASE II- Screening Analyses

     Energy Audit and Preliminary Financial Evaluation - This second stage involves an analyses of your manufacturing processes to identify areas for a detailed energy audit/technical feasibility study. We will also work with you to analyze the financial health of your enterprise, to explore what level of financing you can support, and how that should be structured. We will discuss strategic commercial issues, such as how can our services specifically help you to become more profitable and competitive by Energy Performance or Long term Operation Contract? We will agree with you on the scope and level of effort for an in-depth technical, financial and strategic evaluation of your energy efficiency opportunities. We will prepare a Proposal for Development of an Energy Efficiency Business Plan. This will list the energy efficiency measures to be examined, a schedule and budget for the Business Plan/Project design, and a proposed structure for an Energy Services Contract between you and ARGUS 91. If you are targeting outsourcing we are ready to upgrade the energy systems on the basis of a long term operation contract. In that case the ARGUS 91 will begin the energy supply on the date specified in the signed contract.
     Contract Negotiations - If you accept our proposal, we will negotiate the terms of the contract with you.

          PHASE III - Project Design & Business Plan

     Feasibility Study/Business Plan ARGUS 91 will prepare a detailed technical and financial feasibility study. Such studies typically take 3 to 6 months to complete. In addition to the evaluation of the proposed project, the business plan will recommend a structure for equity financing, identify financing sources, elaborate a financing plan, identify sub-contractors and equipment suppliers, and include a cash flow and risk analysis. We will also develop a monitoring and verification plan for the resulting energy savings; this is a procedure to measure and apportion the financial benefits of the project which will result from the decreased use of energy. At the end of this step, we agree on which measures we will implement and when, and how we will assess the projects performance.

          PHASE IV Financing & Implementation     

Project Financing Using the different investors and lending institutions, we can arrange equity and debt financing for the proposed project. Our Performance Guarantee helps to facilitate lender approval and to obtain the best financing terms.
Implementation - In our role as construction manager, ARGUS 91 will procure and install the agreed-upon energy efficiency measures, on a turn-key basis. The agreed-upon measures may be installed all at one time, or a phased approach may be taken, depending on the business plan and your needs.

          PHASE V - Operations and amortization     

Maintenance and Operations Support - ARGUS 91 will provide or arrange for all necessary maintenance for the energy efficiency measures and will support your staff to ensure that the new equipment and processes are operating properly.
Measurement and Verification - ARGUS 91 will monitor and evaluate the performance of the installed measures. Even if savings are below expectations, ARGUS 91 will still service the debt. Savings greater than what is needed to cover the costs of financing will be shared between you and ARGUS 91.

          Next Step      

We want to develop energy efficiency projects in Bulgaria in the range of 200,000 to 20,000,000. We have the experienced and expert staff. Let us help you stop wasting money on inefficient energy use. Every day costs you more. Please call us today!