About Us



     The company Argus ’91 was found at December 1990 - nowadays is divided in 3 companies with basic name and logo Argus ’91, dealing in three main branches:

  • the oldest – in the field of HVAC project design. There are 6 engineers HVAC project designers and 3 more people technical staff. For the past 14 years there are more than 300 projects done ranging from 14 MW heating installation for Bulgarian Railways – regional engine repairing centre in Varna to family houses and hotels. Since 2004 we are offering consultancy and project management in the field of HVAC especially for foreign investors. Our experience is at your disposal.
  • The second company’s main activity is in the field of energy efficiency. It is so called ESCO Company. In these years we have successfully participated in different projects ranging from municipality owned to industrial clients. In our world – of high energy prices we can help you to optimize your expenses.
  • The third company is involved in installation business of HVAC equipment. The region of Varna is situated at the Black Sea coast and there are a lot of hotels around. It is our privilege to be partners of some of the biggest investors like “Golden sands” and to be part of the teams building their hotels. Being dealers of the biggest companies like Carrier and Buderus help us to meet the requirements of our clients. This company offers also property management – regarding installations and equipment for owners that are not the whole year in their Bulgarian property.

     The experienced staff as well as the availability of professional equipment guarantees the quality of our services. In the team in addition to 6 HVAC engineers including Certified Energy Managers (CEM) there are certified architects and electrical engineers in order to solve each client’s problem. In addition to manufacturing energy and power quality instrumentation  ARGUS ‘91 has a priceless experience of participation in international energy-efficiency projects in Central and Eastern Europe under USAID coordination.

    Argus ‘91 is an Energy Service Company (ESCO). We specialize in designing and implementing energy efficiency projects that can save money for our clients while simultaneously paying the costs of financing the project.  As an Argus ‘91 client, you do not have to invest money “up front” in a project. The costs of financing the project are paid out of the energy savings.

     ARGUS ‘91 offers the following:

  • Evaluation of your energy and cost saving opportunities
  • Development and design of a project that meets your needs.
  • Equity and debt financing for the needed investment for any ARGUS ‘91 energy efficiency project.
  • A guarantee that any project we design and implement will perform as promised - you will save money!
  • Project management and procurement and construction management of the energy efficiency project.
  • Comprehensive operation and maintenance.

    Using its experienced team in energy efficiency and financial analyses, ARGUS ‘91 works with clients to optimize their energy use – helping transform energy losses into financial gains. Using funds from the Dexia-FondElec Fund, ARGUS ‘91 is also able to arrange project equity and debt financing on favorable terms for its clients. ARGUS ‘91 guarantees for its clients that the cost of financing can be covered by project savings.  ARGUS ‘91 can also take the full responsibility for operation of the energy systems, even before the start of the upgrade.